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The group charges the police for the support

The group charges the police for the support

A car occupant was seriously injured, a police spokesman said on Saturday. According to witnesses, the vehicles slipped in the direction of Aachen after a heavy rain shower shortly before the Kerpen motorway junction (Rhein-Erft district).

The first car to come off the lane crashed into the guardrail on the left. The other two cars also went off the lane in the immediate vicinity. A total of three people were injured in the accidents, one seriously.

The lane of the A4 in the direction of Aachen remained completely closed for about an hour during the rescue and clean-up work. According to the police, the debris from the damaged cars had spread over the entire lane. The hard shoulder should be cleaned on Saturday morning.

A woman was caught heavily drunk behind the wheel of her car in Kerpen near Cologne within a few days. According to a statement from the police on Friday, the 46-year-old got herself into trouble the second time when she was walking and asked police officers at an accident room if they were there to see her. The officials said no, but noticed the smell of alcohol in the incident on Thursday.

A little later, the officers saw the 46-year-old pulling out a car. An immediate check showed the woman 1.94 per mille. At the station, the officers reportedly found that the police already had the woman’s driver’s license.

It was taken from her on August 12th after she had caused damage while maneuvering at a gas station and simply drove away. A later alcohol test showed a value of 3.1 per mille.

The police did not have to go far for this mission: an officer prevented a theft in Kerpen right next to the guard. According to the police, he had observed two men out of the window on Monday who were tampering with empty crates of a fast-food restaurant next door and who were apparently getting them ready for removal. With reinforcements, the attentive officer put the two suspects, aged 20 and 32, in the act. The police filed a criminal complaint after the incident on Friday afternoon.

A week after a major police operation in the Hambach Forest, the police had new, albeit smaller, barricades removed. With the help of the energy company RWE, which has the appropriate equipment, barricades made of dead wood and rubbish have been cleared away, said a police spokeswoman on Tuesday. In addition, holes that had been dug in paths were filled in. The group charges the police for the support. In order to be able to fulfill their legal mandate to avert danger and prosecute, the police will continue to be present in the occupied forest at the Hambach lignite mine.

A week ago, the police had removed larger wooden structures on paths in the forest. The way would have to be kept free for patrol and ambulance, it was said to justify. Coal opponents criticized the use as a provocation. The day after, the police cleared away small barricades that had been rebuilt overnight. The Hambach Forest is a symbol of the conflict between climate protectors and the coal industry.

An 81-year-old driver collided head-on with a truck on a federal highway in the Rhein-Erft district and died. The driver got into oncoming traffic at Kerpen on Wednesday lunchtime for an initially unexplained cause, the police said. He died at the scene of the accident. It cannot be ruled out that a medical emergency led to the collision, it said. The 50-year-old truck driver was therefore uninjured.

While trying to ride on only the rear tire of his motorcycle, a young man crashed into a shop window. The 22-year-old was seriously injured in a hospital, the police said on Saturday. Accordingly, he had made several laps with his motorcycle in front of friends in a parking lot in Kerpen (Rhein-Erft district). He had loosened the front tire of his machine from the ground once in every lap and only stood on the rear wheel.argumentative essay research topics The third so-called "Wheelie" he lost control and hit the shop window.

Peter Altmaier had to listen to a lot of criticism. The minister is now drawing conclusions from this: he is reorganizing his ministry. The focus should be on medium-sized businesses. 

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) goes on the offensive after business associations have criticized his SME policy and is reorganizing his ministry. A new SME strategy department will be set up on August 1st, as Altmaier announced in Berlin. This reports directly to him and is headed by Philipp Birkenmaier.

Birkenmaier has so far been managing director of the medium-sized parliamentary group of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group and thus a close employee of Union medium-sized politicians such as Christian von Stetten and Union parliamentary group vice Carsten Linnemann. Linnemann is the head of the Union SME Association.

Company threw Altmaier "Wrong way" in front

Altmaier also announced that he would be his planned "Medium-sized business trip" Present a long-awaited SME strategy at the end of August. The minister was heavily criticized by business associations, among other things because the middle class had hardly played a role in its industrial strategy. So the medium-sized family entrepreneur Altmaier had one "Wrong way" accused.

The minister is also filling another key position in the ministry — also with a previous close colleague of Linnemann. The economist Stephanie von Ahlefeldt is to become the new head of the important department for energy policy in autumn. She will succeed Urban Rid, who was head of the department under ex-minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). Rid is retiring earlier than planned "personal reasons"as it was said.

New staff unit for artificial intelligence

In addition, Altmaier will also set up a new artificial intelligence unit on August 1st. It is headed by Marco-Alexander Breit. The staff units are to bundle the respective activities of the house across all departments.  

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 Thomas Jarzombek, aerospace commissioner of the federal government, will also have the function of one "Commissioner of the Federal Ministry of Economics for the digital economy and start-ups" take over.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Shortly after taking off from Jakarta, an Indonesian plane crashes into the sea. 189 people are on board. There is little hope of finding survivors. Rescue workers recover body parts. The cause is now apparently clear.

The crash of a plane operated by the Indonesian low-cost airline Lion Air is probably due to a technical problem. The airline’s chief executive, Edward Sirait, reported Monday that the Boeing 737 pilot asked for permission to return to Jakarta Airport a few minutes after take-off. The machine fell into the sea. All 181 passengers and eight crew members were probably killed. Rescue workers have now recovered body parts.

Technical problems before starting the machine

"Our pilot acted according to the regulations"said the chief of the airline. "When he saw that there was a problem, he asked to be allowed back to base. But we know how it ended." Sirait confirmed that the machine had previously had a technical problem. However, this was fixed before the flight on Monday. He didn’t give any details.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 took off at 6.20 a.m. local time (0.20 a.m. CET) and was on its way from the capital Jakarta to the neighboring island of Bangka. The flight should only take an hour. It is believed that the wreck lies at a depth of about 35 meters in the sea. According to the authorities, the aircraft was only two months old. The machine had only had 800 flight hours behind it, said the head of the Indonesian Aviation Safety Committee, Soerjanto Tjahjono, on Kompas TV.

According to the air surveillance, the machine disappeared 13 minutes after taking off from the radar screens. After a short search, the first debris was discovered in the sea, about 70 kilometers from Jakarta. The "Jakarta Post" reported, citing an unnamed source, that the crew of a tug had discovered a crashed plane in Tanjung Bungin in Karawang, West Java.

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There is little hope of finding survivors. An emergency services spokesman Muhammad Syaugii said: "We discovered life jackets, cell phones and aircraft parts." It is believed that the wreck lies at a depth of about 35 meters in the sea. The spokesman for the national civil protection agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, also published the first pictures of the accident site on his Twitter account. A larger carpet of jet fuel can be seen on the water.

Lion Air is Indonesia’s largest low-cost airline

According to the rescue services, flight JT-610 was last located near Karawang in West Java Province. Radio contact with the aircraft was also broken there. 

Relatives of passengers on the crashed Lion Air flight are waiting for news at the destination airport: The machine apparently crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta. (Source: Antara Photo / Elza Elvia / Reuters)

Lion Air is the largest low-cost airline in the island nation of Indonesia, with a population of more than 250 million. The company, which was founded in 1999 and uses modern jets from Boeing and Airbus, mainly flies to destinations within the country. According to the airline, the fleet currently comprises 112 machines.

Aircraft of the airline Lion Air are parked at the international airport in Bali: A passenger aircraft of the Indonesian low-cost airline Lion Air crashed on Monday, October 29, 2018 shortly after take-off in Jakarta. (Source: Made Nagi / EPA / dpa)

In 2013, another Lion Air Boeing 737 with more than 100 people on board fell into the sea while approaching the Indonesian holiday island of Bali. The plane practically broke apart. However, there were no fatalities at the time.

Sources used: dpaJakarta Post

At the end of his trip to Southeast Asia, Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil visited a special place of worship on Friday: the largest mosque in the region. The SPD politician looked around the Istiqlal Mosque in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. This can accommodate around 120,000 people and is one of the landmarks in central Jakarta.

"It’s a huge place of worship"Weil said of the German press agency. However, he was also a bit unlucky, because part of the planned program fell victim to the traffic chaos in the metropolis. Grand Imam Nasaruddin Umar, with whom Weil had registered for the interview, had to cancel at short notice: "Unfortunately, it got stuck in a traffic jam this morning." The building is also currently being renovated. "Some parts are currently under construction." Overall, however, he was fascinated by the Istiqlal Mosque, Weil emphasized: "The building was very impressive."

The Lower Saxony head of government has been traveling to Southeast Asia with a business delegation since last weekend. At first there were several appointments in Singapore, then in the middle of the week Weil traveled on to Indonesia. On Friday evening I should go back to Hanover.

According to the authorities, the plane crash in Indonesia could have been prevented: the machine had serious technical defects the day before, according to an interim report.

The crash of an Indonesian passenger plane with 189 fatalities last month could probably have been prevented. In a preliminary investigation report, the Indonesian air traffic control authority KNKT comes to the conclusion that the low-cost carrier’s Boeing 737 was already on a flight the day before the accident "not airworthy" has been. The plane crashed into the sea on October 29, just eleven minutes after taking off from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. None of the 189 inmates survived.

Pilots fought the crash

The "New York Times" reported in advance, citing the paper, that the pilots of the almost brand new Boeing 737 Max fought against a crash practically from the start. They are said to have tried more than two dozen times to pull the low-cost airline Lion Air up from a descent — but ultimately without success. The Boeing then crashed into the water at high speed. There was initially no comment from the investigators.

It has long been speculated that a newly introduced software that could automatically adjust the elevator of the machine could have caused the crash. The pilots can turn this off again using two switches in the cockpit, but this obviously did not happen.

Technical problems the day before

During a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before the crash, the on-board computer had already provided contradicting information on altitude and speed. Lion Air had stated that the problems had been fixed before take-off the next morning. The low-cost airline had decided not to leave the machine on the ground as a precaution.

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The Boeing data recorder has since been found. The voice recorder, which records the conversations and noises in the cockpit, is still being searched.

Sources used: dpa news agency

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