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There are not so many of them, and most are correspondence

There are not so many of them, and most are correspondence

Another thing is that in some universities there are abbreviated programs specifically for college graduates (in this case, after admission, the disciplines passed will be re-credited to you). There are not so many of them, and most of them are correspondence. You should be aware of the availability of such programs in advance; if you were granted a deferment from the army while in college, once you graduate, you will be called up. Even if you go to university! In this case, the postponement is valid only for the period of study in a secondary school.

Advantages of admission to a university

If your goal is clear to you and you need a higher education to achieve it, it makes sense to go straight to university. You don’t need an extra «step», especially since, as we found out hero or villain essay above, it does not provide any special advantages. Many professions are simply impossible to get in colleges. Or, the college provides an initial qualification, which may not be sufficient for the desired position. Advantage for young men: a deferral from the army is provided for the entire period of study in full-time undergraduate and specialty courses at the university. And if you decide to go to the magistracy, then also to the magistracy.

Our findings and advice

Disappointing news for some: you will have to try to study, study and prepare for the exam in grade 11. There is no other way. If you want to go to college or to a university, you still have to work hard. Having devoted this year to preparing for the Unified State Exam, you will not lose. Regular, systematic preparation will help improve both the certificate grades and USE scores. Even if you do not go to any of the chosen universities, then — as a fallback — with a good certificate you can go to college.

If you have not decided on a profession, direction, or have no idea what you would like to do, do not postpone until the last moment. Trust me — it’s better to start early. The site «Do Online» will help you understand yourself and decide. Start with tests developed by our experts, look at the relationship with the profiles and directions of universities or colleges, see statistics from past admission years. All this will help to make an informed choice.

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The text was prepared by Yulia Timchenko

Universities that will help you get the profession of a creator — Articles about new professions

All advertising slogans that make us associate with any product or product, such as «You are not you when you are hungry», «Don’t let yourself dry out», «Live on the bright side», are invented by a specialist whose main responsibility is to generate ideas — by the creator. 

What the creator does 

The name of the profession «Creator» comes from the English «creator», which means «creator». The creator is responsible for the development and implementation of new advertising ideas. Essentially, a creator is a brand creator. The main task of this specialist is to fulfill all the requirements of the advertising campaign customer and at the same time please the target audience. 

A creator’s work is limited by very complex frameworks: he must fit a capacious advertising message in a limited advertising time or advertising tools and media limited by technological capabilities, for example, in 30 seconds, reflect the whole essence of an advertising campaign or fit the entire concept of his creative idea on one slide.

 The most common job responsibilities of a creator include:

development of creative ideas, creation of creative concepts, their protection in front of the customer; tracking innovations, current trends and technological ideas in their field; participation in the preparation of tenders. 

Personal qualities required by the creator:  

ability to think outside the box, creatively; developed communication skills; mobility and energy; ability to work in a team; a high degree of responsibility and self-organization; organizational skills; focus on continuous learning and development. 

Demand for the profession and wages

At the moment, creators are most in demand in the advertising and media industries. Analysis of 36 vacancies for creators posted on the Yandex.Rabota portal as of August 7, 2017, of which the salary level was indicated for 8, showed that the average creator salary is 58 thousand rubles. In general, the level of remuneration for specialists in this field, depending on the region and the degree of employment, ranges from 30 to 120 thousand rubles. 

A third of all vacancies are posted by Moscow companies, however, the search for candidates for the position of creators is conducted in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Krasnodar and other cities of Russia. 

Where to study as a creator

The main requirement of employers to accept a candidate for the position of creator is the ability of a specialist to generate non-standard, creative ideas, which is confirmed by the presence of a portfolio. Special knowledge: the development of creative concepts, writing texts and slogans, creating and protecting presentations can be learned by receiving education in the field of advertising, marketing, philology, creative management.

One of the bachelor’s programs, which includes specialized disciplines that make up the creator’s knowledge base: copywriting, creative technologies, theory and practice of advertising design, strategic planning in advertising, is the bachelor’s program of NRU HSE, RUDN, VSU «Advertising». Many disciplines of the program are of an applied nature. Already from the first year, along with theoretical training, bachelor students receive broad practical skills. They develop communication strategies, organize the work of mobile press services, draw up content plans for maintaining «publics» — thematic communities in social networks, create a concept for a personal brand. 

The curriculum of the program «Management of Marketing and Social Communications» of the Moscow Poly also includes disciplines on the basics of branding, verbal and visual content, mediaology and media culture, management of communication projects in Internet marketing. 

The necessary knowledge and skills for the profession of a creator can be provided by the bachelor’s program «Advertising and Public Relations», implemented by many universities, including Peter the Great SPbPU, Pushkin Leningrad State University, FEFU, State University, Moscow State University named after M.